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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) by Parents!


Q: What Does Popstarz Provide?

Popstarz will bring all the necessary sound equipment needed for the birthday or disco karaoke party. We will also provide any accessories required for games (for example pom poms or crazy wigs) or pass the parcel presents, depending on the package you have chosen. Each child is provided with a prize (non-food).

Q. What Would a Standard Party Cost and What Would I Get For That? 

For the standard price of £240 for a 2 hour Disco / Karaoke Party for 6th birthdays upwards in the local area you will have:

  • One Entertainer.
  • Full Disco Light Show .
  • Smoke Machine.
  • Bubble Machine.
  • Karaoke Machine with Karaoke Screen and 3 Microphones.
  • Dance Routines, Party Games & Competitions.
  • Up to 30 Prizes per Party so if there are Within 30 Children Then They Will All Win a Prize.
  • Party Bags and Going Home Presents are extra starting at £6 per bag upwards.
  • Free Party Invites can be downloaded from popstarzparti.co.uk or personally designed at £2.50 each.

Note.  Over 25 children a second entertainer is recommended and that starts from £80.

Q: What Else Do I Need to Provide?

You must provide the party food, birthday cake, floor space/venue, a small table for the electric mains power point and any decorations. We’ll do the rest!

If you would prefer that we organise these extras for you call us on 0800 033 6089 or Click Here to fill out the form on our website and we will respond with options.

Q: How Much Space Do I Need for the Party?

Small parties may choose to host the party in their home that has an open floor space. Parents often move the furniture to create more room. We don’t require a huge area as we can adapt and choose games that are suitable depending on the size of the home or venue. It is a good idea for larger parties to be held in hall, hotel, school or any other hireable venue.

Q: Can We Host the Party Outside?

Yes, we can host parties in a garden and park as long as there is a electric mains power point. We will provide all extension cords and power boards. WARNING: It is important to have a plan B in case of bad weather.

Q: Do You Only Host Parties in People’s Homes?

No, most of our parties are held in hotels, community centres, function centres, restaurants or church halls.  It is a good idea to contact your local council and find out if there are halls or community centres in your area that you can hire. They are often relatively inexpensive.

Q: What is the Youngest Age that Popstarz Parties are Suitable For?

Generally, the majority of guests need to be 4 years or older. From 4 to 6 years our traditional birthday parties would have simple games like pass the parcel or music bumps and include an entertainer such as a magician or a clown where the children generally sit and watch. From 6 years choose a hosted or themed party which will include a singing dancing party host which is a more interactive experience where the children learn dance moves and sing songs together. The games are tailored to suit various age groups and, of course, the birthday child’s preference.

Q: What is the Role of the Popstarz Party Host?

Our Popstarz Party host will entertain, coordinate the games and dancing and make the birthday child feel extra special at their birthday party. The Party host is not there to discipline the children so we ask that the parents stay and are in charge of the children during the party. You can meet all the Popstarz hosts here: http://popstarzparties.co.uk/meet-the-popstarz/

Q: Do the Children Need to have Attended Dance Classes to Benefit from a Popstarz Party?

No, at most parties the children haven’t attended any formal dance classes, but just love to dance anyway! 

Q: Is a Popstarz Party Suitable for Boys?

Yes, our games are non gender specific and we have fancy dress and party props that will appeal to boys and girls alike. 

Q: Do We Need Any Other Entertainment at the Party?

We believe that a Popstarz Party package is all you will need. Our parties are structured and are designed to fit the allocated duration of the package booked. However, should you wish to include other forms of entertainment at your party, please discuss this with us in advance and we will ensure that we will insure that we come to a suitable arrangement.

Q. What Can Popstarz Parties Provide?

Popstarz Parties will make both your big or small discos and parties a great success. Our Professional DJs and party hosts will rock up with a state of the art sound system and the disco lights so bring on your pop star poses, your dancing shoes and your best party moves. Have a look at the super party extras we can provide here http://popstarzparties.co.uk/popstarz-party-extras/

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